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The Farm

The Barn is a working Regenerative farm. Our produce is available in our onsite farm shop at the entrance. Please stick to the designated areas around the campsite as the animals spook easily.

There is also an onsite dog field which can be booked here.

Family Feeding Pigs

Our pigs

Our pigs are a big apart of how we build soil on the farm, we then grow vegetables in their old pens. We welcome people to see the pigs, but please move slowly, and be mindful of their space. Please also be careful of the electric fencing.

Father and Son in Chicken Farm

Our hens

Our hens roam in our agroforestry orchard and our multi-species pastures, and our eggs are available from the farm shop. We allow our hens to run with a cockerels, so be prepared to hear them in the mornings! Please also be careful of the electric fencing around the pen!

Farm shop.jpg

Farm Shop

We have an onsite farm shop, selling all our seasonal delights. The shop is self service, we have bread and milk for your morning toast and tea.

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